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Are men more selfish love for the same woman?

Are men more selfish love for the same woman?

Are men more selfish love for the same woman?

Intended selfishness, here, self-love, which dominates the temperament person in his dealings with others, and selfish as part of the foul, depends, mainly, on the way upbringing, and to what extent develop the person a sense of self, and bias to it, and after about mind others and their needs, if promises saturation needs of the child is, first, even if it's at the expense of others, it will assume the principle (and I Flood-dimensional).

Unfortunately, we are still a community east, likes sons, and raises their value over the female, and gives priority to the Born to his sister, but it controlled, even if they are older than him, and the best of it act, just because he said, but they serve.The, until recently, does not dare to eat with him, having finished eating, you sit down to eat the rest, and this is still in force in some communities.There is no doubt that this method of education, will make the boy selfish, preferably the same to others, but, given this preference, it is, of women, in the form of the mother, because she sees society governed by men, they put laws and execute, namely, any mother here, realistic, but, in order to make it a man able to give, that educates when taking into account the needs of the other, because it is, itself, another for him, and when she grows up, is in need of sponsorship, if selfish, Falwell.Thus, the man is not selfish in its genetic, (Genetically), but the education is that develop conscience, and refines instincts and needs, and lay the foundations of the priorities he has.After, the frankness and objectivity purely logical and analytical, when searching the talk about love, and away from the legendary fantasy of love, could be stripped love of holiness, and loves him to the ground.This sacred, that we have become accustomed poets and writers, as they made love idol inflated in sacredness poems sleepless and legends imagination, but, in fact, another form of narcissism (narcissistic secondary), the form will help us to adapt and continue in this life, which is essential to make us bear the frustrations of life, and in which we live, but if it becomes love itself is frustrating, Vetoed truth to this image, you may be certain to face the frustration.It's the same very complex man. That is the truth of love, which will be the time for people, and balm and healing to others.
آخر الأخبار
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