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You Disqualified

You Disqualified

He joined young Americans to work in and sprayed big a sawmill and spent the young in this workshop sweeter years old, where he was a youth strong and able to work coarse hard, and when he reached the age of forty and was in Jamal strength and became significant in the workshop, which was worked out for many years but was surprised boss work, informing him that he is expelled from the workshop and must finally leave for good! At that moment, man came out into the street aimlessly, and without hope Successive in his mind images effort wasted that his over the years all his life, causing intense very sorry and wounding frustration and despair deep and felt, "he said; as if the earth had swallowed sunk in depths dark scary .. I closed in the face door livelihood only, and the summit of frustration has that has nothing to with his wife something of livelihood is taxi work and workshop timber, did not know what to do!! and went home and told his wife what had happened, she said his wife what to do? said: Sarena the little house in which we live and I will work in the profession of construction .. and already was the first project he is building houses two small to make the two endeavors, then rolled small and many and became a specialist in building small houses, and in five years of sustained effort became a millionaire famous that "Wallace Johnson "The man who created and built the hotel chain (Holiday Inn) created countless hotels and hostels hospitalization around the world .. says this man in his memoirs personal; Had I known now where resides the boss who kicked me, to put forward to him deep gratitude for what made me When Event This difficult situation suffered very did not understand why, but now it has understood that God wills to close at me daddy "to open the front path" best for me and my family. wisdom always do not you think that any failure passes your life is the end for you .. just think well and deal with the data Start your life ..... again after all life position does not deserve to die in grief because we can be the best there determination and resolve ... God said: {and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you and God knows and you do not know [
آخر الأخبار
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